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Custom snow globes are a very popular promotional product, especially during festive periods such as Christmas. They hold a magical fascination for adults and children alike, with the intricate figures and tiny particles of glitter or white ‘snow’, suspended in a clear liquid. For instance, this Kiehl’s custom snow globe is a great example of a great Christmas promo gift that will look good on display during the holidays.



China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes


China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globe


However, there is more to learn about these magical snow globes than what meets the eye. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the process of manufacturing a custom snow globe in China.


Process 1- Base and Painting

China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes

China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes



Firstly, like all appealing and attractive products, a custom snow globe manufacturing process begins with a good design. This includes the CAD design of the figurines inside the globe, as well as the design around the base of the snow globes. Following which, a 3D clay model of the base and figurines are made to get a better idea of how this will look.


It can come as a surprise to most, but the 3D design itself is made on a small surface area and their actual size is not as big as you’d think. The custom snow globe and water will magnify the design significantly, making it appear larger than the original size of the figurines. Once this has been approved, the manufacturing process can begin.


China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes

China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes


Moulding and casting:

These are the first two steps to getting a physical product made. Resin is a very popular material and it is used in making both the base of the custom snow globes as well as the snowflakes inside. The custom snow globe itself can be made from glass or plastic, depending on the specific requirements of the client.



Once the base has been molded and cast, it is placed in a vacuating chamber where it sets. Once it has set and been removed from this chamber, the base and sculpture of the snow globe are soaked in alkaline water.


Finalizing sculpture:

The next step is finalizing the design of the sculpture and the base. This involves the trimming and grinding sculpture and the base to smooth out any uneven areas and get the snow globe ready for painting. Then, a laser is used to bring in more definition and make the details on the product stand out. Once this has been done, the snow globe is ready to be painted.



The painting of the custom snow globes is a very intricate process and involves painting all of the components of the sculpture and the base. However, although snow globes are popular during the Christmas periods as Christmas decorations, these snow globes can still be custom made and used celebrate any holiday or anniversary.


Process 2- Filling with Water and Assembly

China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes

China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes



Once the snow globes have been painted, they are sprayed with a waterproof oil to protect them from wearing away in the water. They are then set aside to dry. Also, the bottom base of the snow globe is smoothed out again, to make sure it is absolutely even once the globe has been assembled.



Moving on to the next stage of the production process, which is assembly. Firstly, a plastic gasket is attached to the bottom of the sculpture and then they are cleaned and placed in the vacuating chamber for the final time.



After which, the glass globes are filled with liquid. Now at this point, the client needs to be aware that the thickness of the liquid can differ significantly depending on the climate of the country you are shipping the promotional snow globes to. For example, when shipping to a country like Russia in the lead up to Christmas, the temperatures can drop far below 0. The client might then request that the snow globes remain liquid in temperature of  -10. In this instance, the liquid composition would be 40% water, 30% Benzoic acid and 30% Propyleine glycol, which is  a substance/additive known as antifreeze. This will stop the liquid from freezing in temperatures up to -10.


At eecc eternal china gift factory     , we will also insure that the liquid in the custom snow globes does not contain any toxic chemicals or heavy metals.


Finally, the snow globe is ready to be glued together and set aside to dry.


Process 3- Custom Snow Globes Packaging


The final step of manufacturing the custom snow globes is packing them. These products are individually wrapped in Styrofoam to protect them during transportation, and placed in their custom packaging ready to be shipped to the client. Here at eecc eternal china gift factory     , we can also have a detailed description printed on the box, to avoid any customs issues as the product makes its way to you.


China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes

China Manufacturing to Custom Snow Globes


We hope that you have found this blog helpful. If you are interested in this product, our design team Mindsparkz will be happy to assist you with CAD design. Furthermore, eecc eternal china gift factory      will be delighted to manage the production process. Enquire @ eecc eternal china gift factory      for more ways and explanation on how you can vastly improve your business. Our product designers will be able to provide you with multiple unique and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience and increase brand recognition. The specialists here are capable of assisting you throughout every process to ensure a pleasant experience. Contact eecc eternal china gift factory      now!


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